A bit of nostalgia


This interactive sculpture is a hybrid wooden structure, reminiscent of a treehouse/playhouse/watch tower where three people can interact with each other in close proximity while experiencing comfort and slowness. Being inside this little house, with not much space or height, reminds us of childhood memories and nostalgic ideas that we keep in our minds. I used light, a fake window, a digitally animated landscape, drawing, ambient sounds, recordings of spoken short stories, and chalkboard paint to make a playful space.

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Architecture and interior design have a role of making societies. In my case, I see these fields growing out of heterogeneous concepts, however, I prefer looking for a more organic and nomadic practice. I intend to think of space in terms of a real specific needs, from a specific community, that also involve a political situation.

Inspirational texts:

Bruno Zevi’s books like “Towards an Organic Architecture” and “Architecture as Space.

“How to look at Architecture” by Peter St John

Nancy Alvarado paper research, “The Role of Emotion in an Architecture of Mind”.

ben20 copyInstalled inside Wallach gallery (May/April 2014, Columbia University, NY) for the ‘first year’ show of our MFA in Visual Arts.

Credits. Photography. Ben Lovosky / Sound art piece. Valeria Jonard / Wooden structure fabricated by Joseph Seney. 

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