Believing in ghosts / Creyendo en fantasmas

Believing in ghosts was a big exhibition where I showed 5 difference projects: Miradores, Decoration for claustrophobic interiors, electrical installations, bird and cage and a started project with clocks. All the projects were around the concept of phantasmagoria, pre-photographic concepts, architecture, claustrophobia and perception.


Decoración para espacios claustrofobicos/ Decoration for claustrophobic interior

Instalaciones eléctricas/Electrical installations

Pajaro y jaula/ Bird and cage

Two images, the first one is A bird and the other one is a cage, with  the effect of the rotation and the visual memory , the two images become  one, so at the end you can see the bird inside the cage.

Open project about clocks: Bigben, Omega, Orient

I have an open project about the clock as an object, the idea is to intervene the clocks to alter the idea of time. 

A real clock that looks in a mirror. I altered the table and you see in the mirror that the table in the normal way and his mechanism moves in the opposite way.

I didn’t make an intervention on the clock, I just altered the time by using mirrors.