Language of birds

The general idea of this project is to create a spatial experience using an architectural form, objects, sounds and projections like shadows theatres.

The “Language of birds” is a term used by many cultures throughout history and one that links my lack of language, what I experienced in my residency, with the poetics of an artistic language familiar to me through my other projects. This is the language of the unspoken, mysterious, of secrets or the symbolic. Fulcanelli stated that alchemists had to resort to this means of communication in order to obscure from one individual what was to be disclosed to the other. […]

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This forest is a composition of forests between Colombia and Canada.


Wooden platform where people can walk over, sit down, relax and contemplate. It shapes a big wave in different states.


Paper and cellophane templates, and kinetics mechanisms over the projectors


Press release of Imaginary Homelands

I am not there, and I am not here. DAYLING SERVING, Caitlin Sutherland

Imaginary Homelands. AKIMBO, Terence Dick

Makeshift homes a continent away. EXCALIBUR (York University newspaper) Sarah Ciantar

Imaginary Homelands is the culmination of a three-year experimental residency project
with Colombian artists Carlos Bonil, Nicolás Consuegra, Miler Lagos, Mateo López,
Mateo Rivano, María Isabel Rueda, Daniel Santiago, Angélica Teuta, and Icaro
Zorbar that explored how the oscillation of people, ideas, and materials between two
real places—in this case Bogotá and Toronto—could become a point of departure
toward “locating” a fictionalized mid-way point. A product of this experiment, the
exhibition is an imaginary place situated somewhere between the two locations, made
tangible through a series of artworks created specifically for, and as, an “Imaginary
Homeland” at AGYU.


This project in Toronto has been made possible thanks to Astrid Bastin Projects and AGYU