RE place / RE quest

OSLO, Norway // TORONTO, Canada

 Fotogalleriet. Colomborama event. Marius Wang Curator. Oslo June 2013

100 Angelica Teuta installasjons fotoFotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-018Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-038

Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-056 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-048 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-047 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-046  Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-045 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-038 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-028  Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-021 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-033 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-063 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-043 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-042 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-041 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-039 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-036 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-035     97 Angelica Teuta installasjons foto Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-010 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-011   96 Angelica Teuta installasjons foto-13 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-012 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-014 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-009 Fotogalleriet_Angelica_Teuta_HiRes-007

 Gendai Gallery. 25th Images Festival. Arhitects in collaboration Anne Erlich and Jonathan Wang. Toronto April 2012


With the support of the AGYU and Gendai Gallery, I made an especially project for the 25th annual Images Festival in Toronto, Canada.  I was commissioned to work at Gendai Gallery which is a non-profit gallery, and its interest is to change the focus from a finished  product to an ongoing process of construction and collaboration between art and architectural knowledge.

I worked with two architects in residence, Anne Erlich and Jonathan Wong, with whom I developed the whole in-situ project. I came up with the idea of making a perceptual experience and transforming the gallery as an outdoor. I wanted to work with the symbology of islands and ports that represent something ideal or utopian. These are the settings where treasures are hidden, and romance and tranquility take place.

I created the projected images and the architects built the port that connected the images and gave a route to explore the space.

Dialogue between artist and architects

Public Space as beginning for collaboration between divergent practices

Jonathan Wong: One thing I really enjoyed about this project is how the process was like a series of relays among us while using the force of our divergent practices.

Angelica Teuta: In connection to that, I remember at the beginning in January 2012, we didn’t know what images to use for the projections and what architecture experiment to build. Can we talk about how we arrived with this project?

Anne Ehrlich: I remember we talked about public space. We thought about the gallery as the extension of the public space of the street. We wanted to bring the street in. We also talked about public furniture and how the projector has the ability to draw people in and gather people around it. […]

Complete dialogue here:  Interview Angelica excerpt


Because we built the space as a place for people to stay and relax, I decided to make an activity every Tuesday night inviting 15 people to hang out. We did 4 lovely meetings with tea, wine and cookies

VIDEO: watch?v=hWS5HRvrYCQ&feature=player_embedded