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New projects developed:
Gazebo, 2014. Studio artist in NY

Teuta_07 Teuta_08

“Get to know where the coconut gets its water”, 2014
momentosProject in collaboration with Cole Sayer (classmate at Columbia University) developed at La Usurpadora residency, Puerto Colombia, Colombia.
All that is left is this rock to sit on
Riberão Preto, Brasil, June 2014
“A bit of nostalgia”, 2014
1781218_629281497156228_968167510_o Teuta_02
First Year Show at Columbia University. My results after a year of doing my Masters program.
Next shows or activities:


Thesis show MFA Visual Art, Columbia University. Opening April 25th, 2015, 2-5pm.  Last day: May 17th, 2015. Fisher Landau Center for Art, Queens, NY.


To highlight this month!

Video documentation of my last 4 installations. 2014-2013

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